Meet the Vanderbyl Family

David Litster - Director

The man that makes the magic happen! David is well known for his enthusiasm and passion for what he does.

From the design all the way through to the finished project David will be attentive and put his all into making you a happy customer.

Being a family man and having construction work done himself at his own home David understands frustrations that may arise and can relate on a more personal level, meaning he can adapt and make sure these problems don’t occur.

Matt -

The joker of the team, always brings the jokes and a smile to customers

George -

The smiley one. Nothing like a smile to Brighten your day!

Carl -

Carl is one of our go to guys for ideas and solutions! You might want to keep the kettle going, Carl loves his cups of tea!

Site Manager - Sid

Sid is our site manager in charge of overseeing the day to day operations on site to make sure project is completed on time at a high standard.

Plumbers - Nathan and Dave

The funny Duo! Our amazing team of plumbers have been working with Vanderbyl for more than 10 years!

Joiners - Jack and Paul

Father and Son. They are the dream team and are amazing at what they do!

Social media marketing managers - Robyn, Annie and Lydia

The bubbly ones! You may see our social media gurus popping around every now and again to shoot content of the progress of the project.